Im Gespräch mit Davina Michelle

Es ist das Jahr 2017 als Davina Michelle den Hit “What About Us” covert und auf Youtube online stellt. Das Video geht viral, das Cover bekommt ungeahnte Aufmerksamkeit und wird auch von Sängerin P!nk entdeckt, welche mit den Worten reagiert: „Jetzt weiß ich, wie der Song tatsächlich klingen sollte!“

Nur drei Jahre später landet die heute 24-jährige Davina Michelle drei Nummer #1 Singles in ihrem Heimatland Niederlande, was sie dort zur erfolgreichsten Sängerin aller Zeiten in den niederländischen Top 40 macht. Sympathisch und gut gelaunt beantwortete das Stimmwunder aus Rotterdam unsere Fragen.

Credits: Set Vexy

First of all, congratulations on the Golden Record for your fantastic album.

„Yeah, thank you! I’m so happy, it’s so unreal.“

How will you celebrate it? 

„I won’t celebrate it big at the moment because of Corona. I will probably celebrate with my boyfriend at home and repeat the album for hours.“ 

How are you doing these days? 

„I’m fine, thanks. It’s kind of difficult of course – due to Corona we can’t play live and perform songs. But we’re trying to find as much options as possible to perform and give shows. So I’m good under consideration of the situation.“ 

What was the first reaction when you noticed P!nks reaction below your video in 2017?

„Wow, when I saw her reaction video on my cover I was just going out of my mind. It was crazy! At first I didn’t even really get that she actually was P!nk. I thought it was just some random woman who was responding to my video, because I couldn’t believe it. They also recorded my reaction watching her reaction. And you can see it on that video that – I’m not having it anymore – it’s just so crazy because she is so huge and having her actually watching my video was more than I could expect at that moment. I had no experience in singing or making videos or being an artist at all, so it was such a huge honor to have her say these nice things to me.“

How would you describe your own world? 

„My own world is very hectic. I’m always everywhere and I love it because I don’t enjoy myself sitting at home. I work and travel, meet new people and I love to go to places which kind of makes it hectic – especially in the Corona period, it was kind of hard because I wasn’t performing lots of shows and I missed it to do my passion – being an artist. At that point I sat at home and I was confronted with everything that was left from me, besides of being an artist. I asked myself who I really was. Because the past few years I was working constantly. And that was kind of confronting but I’m still managing it. It’s so difficult to explain my own world because it’s such a private thing of my mind and I just have written down every thought about me and how I felt. And that’s actually the lyrics of my own world, I guess.“

I guess, it’s also pretty hard to answer that kind of question in a few sentences. Some of your lyrics seem quite doubtfully. Would you consider yourself as perfectionist?“ 

„Yes, I am definitely perfectionist. And I constantly say one thing and then I say the other thing right away and that’s exactly how I’m looking at myself. Not even at my music but especially myself. I don’t know who I am, sometimes I’m in a personal crisis and think: okay, who is this girl and who’s Michelle? Not Davina, but who is Michelle? That kind of struggle „My Own World“ is about.“

What was your luckiest moment in the last few years?  

„I think the P!nk moment – her reaction to my video – was definitely in the top 3. And I think releasing my first single „Skyward“, two years ago, was also a very happy moment. Oh and releasing my first album was also pretty amazing!“ 

What’s your biggest inspiration in music? 

„I always loved Beyoncé – like probably any girl. The way she sings, the way she goes from the soft to the loud and her fantastic skills were always my biggest inspiration. And when I made my album I definitely took inspiration out of her „I Am…Sasha Fierce“ album that has so many different songs but all in the same Beyoncé color. That was something I tried to do as well and she really inspired me while doing that.“

What do you love about Zwijndrecht? 

„I love nothing about Zwijndrecht. I lived there for like a year or something because my boyfriend lived there. Now I live in Rotterdam, that’s where I’m actually from and I really love the city. Rotterdam is the most amazing city of the Netherlands in my opinion. It’s multicultural, great architecture, they have amazing and loving people – everything you need is there, that’s why I love Rotterdam. I’m promoting my city here.“

Which song would you like to have written?  

„Probably „Something Like You“ from Adele.“  

Good one. What’s your favorite TikTok trend? 

„Oh gosh, my favorite TikTok Trend? Well, I’m not that familiar with TikTok to be honest. But I like it when they actually keep their clothes on and don’t show that much skin. I think that’s my favorite trend.“ 

Would you rather pick Justin Bieber or Justin Timberlake as support act if you had the choice?     

„That’s so hard to answer because I used to love Justin Timberlake. But I think Justin Bieber is also amazing at the moment. I would probably go for JB because he’s more relevant at the moment. But I love Justin Timberlake. So that’s a hard one.“ 

The next one is probably even harder. Would you prefer Beyoncé or Adele as a feature?  

„Oh gosh! I think Beyoncé. But it’s so hard. I want them both. Is that fine, too?“ 

You can definitely also pick both. What would you do without music? 

„That’s a very hard question. I have no idea. I wouldn’t do much because I’m good at nothing except for singing and doing music. So that’s the only thing I could do.“

What’s your goal for the next year?

„Hopefully to go abroad with my music. But of course the whole Covid situation is making things harder. That’s just my dream for this year and maybe next year we’ll see – I’ll do everything I can to try this.“

Alright and the last question: do you have a favorite dutch swear word?  

„Oh my gosh, are you sure? I think it’s kut.“ 

And what’s the meaning of it? 

„It’s like cunt. I love the word. I don’t know why.“ 

Alright. Well, thank you very much for your time. I think I didn’t bore you with my questions.

„Definitely not!“
I really appreciate it! All the best for your career, stay healthy and take care!

„Thank you! The same to you. Bye-bye!“  

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