Im Gespräch mit Bury Tomorrow

Im Zuge der Black Flame-Tour sollte die fünfköpfige Metalcore-Band aus Southampton am 24.06.2018 im clubCAnn spielen. Leider streikte der Tourbus, sodass der Gig leider ausfallen musste. Im Emailer beantwortete E-Bassist Davyd Winter-Bates freundlicherweise trotzdem unsere Fragen. Besonderer Dank geht dabei an das wirklich sympathische Management, speziell an Yassi von Head Of PR, für ihr Engagement und das neue Album.

How are you guys doing?
„Absolutely amazing.“

How do you like Stuttgart? 
„We love Stuttgart from the first date we ever played there we were welcomed.
It’s one of our favourite german cities.“

What are your idols in music?
„I think I take influence a lot from great frontmen in the world, people like Corey Taylor or Jacoby Shaddix.“

What would you do without music?
„Probably have a normal job haha or skateboard full time.“

If you wrote a song about Donald Trump. What would the title be?
„Waste of Space.“

What’s your favorite album at the moment?
„I’m really digging the new Fever 333 CD.“

What do you love about Southampton?
„It’s my home, it’s where my heart is and all of my friends…its a relaxed city that has a lot to offer.“

Black Flame, the fifth album will be released in July… the „Knife of Gold“ music video seems kind of weird and sinister. What’s the story behind it?
„It’s predominately about the music industry and the medias ability to suck the life out of anything pure and innocent.“


1. Piercings or tattoos? „Tattoos.“
2. Death growls or pig squeals? „Death Growls.“
3. Festival or club concert? „Festival.“
4. Architects or BMTH? „Architects.“
5. Hotel or night liner? „Hotel.“
6. Summer or winter? „Summer.“
7. Meat lover or vegetarian? „Veggie all day.“
8. Groupies or girlfriend? „Fiancee ;)“
9. Elton John or Freddy Mercury? „Elton.“
10. Motörhead or Metallica? „Metallica.“
11. Deaf or blind? „Deaf.“
12. Jacky or Jimmy? „Jimmy.“


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