Im Gespräch mit Graham Candy

Graham Candy (01.04.1991 in Auckland) ist ein neuseeländischer Singer-Songwriter und Schauspieler. Gemeinsam mit Frans „Alle Farben“ Zimmer, landet er 2014 mit „She Moves (Far Away)“ einen Hit, der sein Leben verändert und seine Karriere ins Rollen bringt. Die Single erreicht zum einen die Top 10 der deutschen Charts und außerdem Goldstatus.

Im Gespräch mit dem sympathischen Multitalent, erhielt ich interessante Einblicke in sein bisheriges Leben in Neuseeland und New York, sein Bekanntheitsgrad in der Heimat, seine Ziele, Pläne und sein größter Alptraum. Graham lebt seit Ende 2012 in Berlin und ist aktuell auf Deutschland-Tournee.

  1. Hey there Graham, how’s it going?

„I am great thank you, awaiting my big European tour for October/Nov so trying to rest as much as possible and drink my body weight in Tea!!

2. How’s your career working?

„Well, it works! Theres a lot of work and experience to be done. I am at the beginning of my career and so Im happy to be able to say its working so far after a short time.“

3. You had a number 1 hit called „She Moves (Far Away)“. How did you feel when you realized that you become famous?

„Well, it was a great door opener, I was super surprised myself how big the song went! I think it was most interesting to see peoples reactions when they found out it was a man that was singing it! I didn’t really feel much different, was happy it did well, but theres is a lot more music to make and for me its just about keep moving forward.“

4. Are you a star in New Zealand?    

„Heck no! I have only just returned to NZ for a wee trip after 2 years abroad to do a performance at my school with my German band. We have just released the album which is currently at number 3 but it will take a wee longer for people to catch on in NZ about me. The pace there is a bit slower 😉 Its the shire after all :)“

  5. What do you think of Germany?

„Its my second home! I have learnt a lot about myself and about another culture here. Its been great to experience the way things are done here and I obviously love the vibes in Berlin although, lots of Germans say Berlin isn’t the real Germany ;)“

6. What do you think of homosexuality?

„Love is Love Is Love.“

7. Are you tattoed?

„I am, I have a bunny sitting under a moon sitting under my arm. I wish I could say “its a long story” but it isn’t.“

8. What are your plans for the future?

„I’m mainly thinking about today and what has to be done or experienced with the time that we call “now”. But Im a musician so my future is music as well with whatever comes as the side dishes.“

   9. What is your worst nightmare?

„Well, it would be to depart the world without joy inside my bones.“

  10. Who is your biggest idol in music?

„I have always had a soft spot for Damien Rice“

  11. The Beatles or The Rolling Stones?

„I couldn’t answer that question and be sure of myself“

  12. What’s your guilty pleasure?

„Constantly eating!“

  13. When will you come to Germany the next time?

„I live in Berlin now, and plan to be here for a while to come.“


  14. What do you like about New Zealand?

„Well it’s home. My family, The beaches, the little spots that are filled with many memories from the past.“

15. Have you ever been to New York?    

„I did live in New York in 2008 doing musical theatre at an exchange school! It is very crazy there, very intense and fast!“

16. Do you have a pet?

„I do not, There is not much time for that responsibility! But it is my dream to have a big dog!“

17. How did you get in touch with Frans Zimmer (Alle Farben)?   

„My producers are from a Berlin based band called ABBY. The guitarist was doing some tracks with Alle Farben and put us in contact.“

  18. Is he a friend of yours?

„Of course. He is a super dude! We sometimes went to see art galleries together and share a passion in cooking!“

  19. What do you think of Justin Bieber?

„He has definitely matured as an artist and is taking over the mainstream music world atm!“

    20. What is your goal for the next 5 years?

„My next album, I can’t wait to begin on this.“

Thank you very much for your time Graham and all the best for the future!


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