Im Gespräch mit Nehemiah

Ich habe die Chance genutzt einen Studenten aus Amerika zu verschiedenen Themen zu interviewen. Im Fokus stand dabei Religion und allgemein der Glauben als solcher.

Nehemiah ist 19 Jahre alt und kommt aus Oklahoma.


Facts about me
Size: 1,82
Shoe size: 41

What do you think of Donald Trump?

I personally try as much as possible to stay out of politics. However, from what I have seen, Trump seems to be a disagreeable character.

What is your favorite psalm?

Perhaps Psalm 27

Do you think the church and religion is still contemporary?

I don’t really know if it was ever „contemporary.“ I think that the church will always be something seen as set apart from other things, „different“ from the rest of the world. The organized institution of religion, however, will likely be around for a while.

What do you think of the German history?

I am interested in European history, which includes Germany. There are of course some dark and terrible parts of this history, but I believe that it is important to move on from that, while still realizing that it happened, and learning from it.

What would you change in the church if you could?

Much of Christianity has become very shallow, merely trying to obey laws and try to be a good person. However, in the Bible the focus is on a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. In Colossians 3:4, it even talks about „Christ our life….“ So the focus is not on self improvement, but on coming to the Lord. I would like the focus to change from self improvement back to Christ.

How did you get in contact with God?

My first contact was through my parents‘ example of living Christ, and through that I ended up wanting to know Him more. I ended up praying to receive the Lord when I was seven years old.

What do you think of homosexuality?

According to the Bible, homosexuality is a sin, just like adultery, lying, stealing, etc.. So, a homosexual is a sinner, just like the rest of humanity. I also am a sinner, and so is everyone else. However, God loves all mankind, regardless of their sin, and desires all men to come to Him. In like manner we should also love all men regardless of their sin.

What do you think of Christianity in general?

Christianity has become degraded, falling away from the original expression of the church in the New Testament. It has became mostly rules and rituals, with very little of reality. Christ is the true reality, but Christianity has replaced Christ with customs and tradition.

What are your goals in life?

My current main goal is to become a practicing medical doctor. I would also like to get married and have three kids.

What is your worst nightmare?

I always fear that one day I might no longer pursue the Lord. However, by His mercy I am being kept.

Your favorite song?

It is hard to choose, but one of my favorites would be the hymn „Oh How Deep and How Far Reaching.“

Favorite meal?

Again hard, but my sister’s homemade pizza is great.

What is the biggest wish for your future?

To love the Lord Jesus Christ with my whole being.

When will you come back to Germany?

Not sure yet, but I would like to study there for at least a semester sometime in 2018.

Did you ever get…

A compliment from your teacher?


A gift from your friends?


Are you…

A morning person?


A good Student?

I am an okay student. Not amazing, not bad.

A loyal friend?

I think so.

Thank you very much, Nehemiah and all the best for your future!

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